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Providing needs, education, and support for children from hard places. 

Nicole Baccus, former foster child

As kids, my brother, Max, and I endured abuse, neglect, and trauma at home. Early on, we were removed from our mother's care and grew up in over 30 different foster homes.  We both aged out of the system, leaving us with few resources to take on the world. Together, we used to dream about a different life; a life where we were loved and safe, and where we could help other kids just like us get to love and safety too. Though Max died tragically when we were teenagers, I have never forgotten our childhood dream. Max's Treehouse is my way of creating something good from something that went so wrong. 


Natasha Nikkel, adoptive parent

I didn't even know my children existed the first decade of their lives. We didn't meet until they were ages 10 and 13, living in a group home under state care. From that fateful meeting forward, we have spent our lives colliding into this thing we call family - laughing, struggling, and crying along the way.  Together, we fight the after effects of trauma, neglect, and abuse - things like depression, defiance, confusion, anger, stress, addiction, and everything in between. Max's Treehouse is my way of fighting for children just like the two I am privileged to call my very own. 

Max's Treehouse was created to help children in difficult circumstances.  We believe that what really sets us apart from the crowd is our first hand knowledge and experience of what trauma can do to a child.  Our story is one born of pain, born in the darkness, and even though our three founders have over 30 years of combined experience working with youth in a professional capacity, what really matters to us is this: it's personal.  This isn't work.  This is our life.  

Christine Fuhrman, adoptee, LCSW

I sought out social work as a career because of my own identification as an adoptee. I've experienced relinquishment, living in a foster home, and ultimately, being adopted by two loving parents.  I love that this is an organization originally visioned by someone who lived the experiences of those in foster care, and wanted to make a difference to all who followed behind on that path.  Max's Treehouse is my way of honoring my own past and directly giving back to children whose stories hold so many common elements of my own. 

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