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Providing needs, education, and support for children from hard places.

We work to be sure that underserved children have the resources they need to be successful in life.  Together with your support, we provide a little bit of everything: school supplies, fees for sports and arts activities, holiday gifts, and birthday cakes. We're known for searching high and low for that perfect fit, whether it's a special sensory toy, a new mattress for a foster child aging out of the system and moving into their first apartment, or a stuffed animal shaped like a peacock!  

And sometimes, because children can't raise themselves after all, we also provide resources and support to the entire family - adults included. Maybe a great parent is down on their luck, and the children are suffering because of it.  Max's Treehouse can step in to be sure the family has food, clean clothes, basic hygiene products, or anything else that may be holding them back.  

We also provide trauma-informed education and training to those who work with children on the front lines: foster and adoptive families, educators, caseworkers, youth organizations.  Whatever the group, our educational services and training will allow you an intimate glimpse into the mind and heart of children from hard places.

Girl Playing Outside
Kids Playing Soccer
Kids Blowing Bubbles
Multi-ethnic Group of Friends
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